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  • Intuitive; simple to use.
  • Convenient reservation monitoring with dash-panel display.
  • Simplified reservation procedure, changes, check-in/out, with a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Support for special-venue bookings (function & conference rooms, etc).
  • Fully-functional accounting and payroll package - specifically designed for hotel/motel industry.
  • Comprehensive statistic reports - including comparision with past sales' results.
  • Fast end-of-day automatic reporting, and data backup.
  • Extensive add-on modules: Publish your rooms' vacancy with 3rd-party online reservation systems.
  • Phone billing interface available.
  • Confirmation letters sent automatically via Email or SMS.
  • In-built access control system.
  • Web-based, multi-user capability across internet and local network.
  • No installation required.
  • Suits small to medium sized properties under 60 rooms.
  • Runs on Debian, Mac OS, Redhat, Ubuntu, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7.
  • Customized solutions are available on request.

Welcome to HotelDirector
Are you about to implement a Hotel Management Systems (HMS) for your business, but worried that it is too complicated to use, too costly and too difficult to train your staff?


Joomla! LogoHotelDirector is set to change that ... it is different from other HMS software that you would find on the market.   For a start, it's not complicated.  It is designed specifically for small and medium businesses like hotel/motel and serviced-apartments.  It consists of a complete suite of tools for daily operation of the business: from complex front-office reservation system, accounting, statistic report through to scheduling and inventory control.  The product can be hosted live on the Internet or as a stand-alone system.  There is no need to install the software other than sign-up and configure it to match your property layout and product offers.  Your whole PMS system will be up and running in less than 15 minutes.....BUT THAT's ONLY THE BEGINNING....


Do a Google search, and you will find hundreds of 3rd-party resellers offering to sell your services online.   They all have the same problems with data synchronization.   Most early 3rd party resellers websites were unable to provide an instant booking.   Interested customers would find your property online, but then be unable to book a room other than filling out a form and waiting for an email for confirmation - the result being that you could potentially lose that customer.

Recent 3rd-party resellers have improved their services by providing instant booking confirmation and a payment gateway online (i.e customer can book and pay for their room immediately).  In order to make this possible, the property operators have to pre-allocate rooms for sale on the 3rd-party reseller website.  However this method does have a few disadvantages: Firstly, the same room cannot be pre-allocated on multiple 3rd-party reseller websites (or the room could be sold twice), so the property operator could try to pre-allocate rooms at each 3rd-party reseller website such that the number of allocated rooms overlap each other (to increase availability), but during a busy day, it could be a nightmare to keep track of these rooms on all reseller websites.